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May 21-25, 2018

You have a remarkable opportunity to interact with lawyers at successful startups and some of the country’s largest and most innovative companies, including Expedia, Microsoft and other significant businesses in the Puget Sound area. An intensive course runs for a week at the beginning of the summer in the great city of Seattle.

The course is open to students from Seattle University and other law schools.

Earn three credits while spending half days in the classroom learning from the best and afternoons visiting successful startups and major corporations.

Slippers Black Kevin Gusset Mens Zedzzz Velour Twin Tuition for 2018 is $4,497 plus a $50 course fee. Airbnb or other accommodation-sharing services are expected to have inventory in the area during the week. In addition, hotel rooms will be available near the campus at a discounted rate.

More about the course:

The honor roll of recent success in the business world is dominated by stories of individuals who dream up ways of disrupting long established business models, bring those ideas to market and find almost instant widespread acceptance.

The innovative entrepreneurs who launched crowd-sourced transportation and vacation property rental services, for example, have created flourishing technology-based businesses that threaten the viability of traditional "brick-and-mortar" travel and transportation services, challenged established regulatory schemes and driven some of the highest current investment market valuations. Until now, finding and studying these and similar business pioneers required extraordinary luck or inside connections.

Seattle University School of Law has created an opportunity for law students to gain firsthand experience in the business environment that is responsible for some of the major recent entrepreneurial successes. Students from Seattle University and other law schools will spend an intensive week at the beginning of the summer meeting with innovative entrepreneurs and their lawyers and, in doing so, will immerse themselves in the environment that facilitates entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in the technology sector.

Students will spend roughly half the week in the classroom, studying legal ethics, business law, intellectual property, and theoretical concepts related to the role of lawyers in the corporate environment, and the other half of the week in the offices of some of Seattle's leading innovators — including Microsoft and other Seattle-area businesses — interacting with the lawyers and business executives responsible for recent key business successes.

Slippers Gusset Mens Zedzzz Twin Velour Black Kevin The course will be team-taught by leading experts drawn from both Seattle University's faculty and the local technology bar and will utilize readings, films, guest speakers, simulations, and reflections to create a genuinely immersive experience.