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ASD4 Family Learning Center

The ASD4 Family Learning Center is excited to enroll new students. The center provides childcare and GED/ESL classes to parents with children under 8 years old. To find out more call Charity Walker 403-2580, or find the Family Learning Center under the department tab at
Dear La France Parents
Safety throughout our campuses continues to be a critical priority. As part of this process we continue to explore new opportunities to ensure that we are doing everything reasonable to make our campuses as safe as possible for our students. We also recognize that it is important to help children and their families feel safe. Starting immediately, visitors to our schools and the Central Office will be asked to identify their name and nature of their visit prior to receiving access into our Anderson 4 facilities. We thank you in advance for your observance of this safety practice.
Melida Reeves
La France Elementary School
"Learning through the Arts"
We enjoyed our visit by the PHS Teacher Cadets today. It was great to see former students!
Sneaker Polo Black Thorton Red Lauren Men's Ralph School Digital Sign Birthday Message
You may pay $5.00 for your child's name to be on the school sign wishing them a happy birthday for the entire day. This is a fundraiser for our school and children get to feel extra special as well! You will need to come to the front office and pay $5.00 cash at least two days before the birthday as well as fill out the form for the birthday message to ensure it is correctly spelled.
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La France, SC

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Sunny 74 °F

High: 83 °F, Low: 67 °F, Humidity: 91%

Precipitation: 0 in, Wind: N, 4 mph

Pressure: 1022 mb, Visibility: 9 mi


Partly Cloudy

High: 83 °F, Low: 67 °F

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Partly Cloudy

High: 85 °F, Low: 65 °F


Partly Cloudy

High: 85 °F, Low: 68 °F

Polo Black Ralph Red Thorton Sneaker Men's Lauren getting weather:
La France, SC
Letter From The Principal
On behalf of all the teachers and staff at La France Elementary School, I welcome you and your child to a new school year. LES is a school with a strong sense of community and has a family atmosphere. We are proud to say that La France and in Anderson 4, we offer large school opportunities in a small school setting.
As we begin a new year, we want to emphasize that student achievement is the focus of our instructional team. As a parent, you are a key member of that team. Our staff is dedicated to the belief that each child will be provided opportunities to reach their full academic and social potential. In support of that belief, our staff is committed to do the following:
* Have high expectations for all of our learners.
* Provide motivation for the learning process.
Thorton Red Polo Lauren Black Ralph Men's Sneaker
* Arrange opportunities for all learners to be
* Provide a caring and positive class atmosphere for
all students.
*Implement a rigorous core curriculum that is
driven by the SC standards.
* Aware of the individual needs of your child and
provide individualized instruction.
* Communicate with you regularly regarding your
child's progress.
* Focus on safety to ensure a positive, secure learning environment for all.

We rely on your support in all areas of the learning process in order for your child to truly excel. We need the dedication of our parents to do the following:
* Have high expectations for your child
* Provide a quiet place for your child to study.
*Encourage your child to complete his/her
* Make sure your child gets an adequate night's
* See that your child arrives at school on time every
* Spend time each day reading with your child.
* Attend School Nights and Parent Conferences.
*Encourage your child to be positive in his or her
Together we will do a great job of preparing our students for future success as productive citizens able to meet the challenges they encounter. We are looking forward to a new school year with great enthusiasm' refreshed energy, and high expectations. Let us celebrate previous success ad strive to continue as a community of learners so that our children flourish.
Best Regards,
Melida Reeves
La France Elementary School

Volunteer Forms
Volunteer forms need to be turned in by September 17th. Forms will not be accepted after this date. Please get the form in so that you can help out at the school and be a part of your child's class field trip.

La France Elementary School Information

29 days ago

Mission Statement:

At La France Elementary School we believe that Learning Equals Success..

Red Men's Polo Sneaker Thorton Black Ralph Lauren Our Vision:

To create a learning environment that equips our students with the knowledge and experiences necessary to be caring,successful, and contributing members of society.

School Facts:

School Colors: Vegas Gold and Black
Mascot: Lion
Grades: 4K - 6th
Student Enrollment: 422

School Report Card

By Sonya Garcia

SIC Report to the People

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